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Very high performance thanks to the new N-Type TOPCon cell technology. Suitable for all applications from home to business.

AXIbiperfect GL WB

108 halfcell N-Type TOPCon  bifacial glass/glass Solar module 430 - 450 Wp


Aesthetics meets energy. The solar modules are perfectly suited for installations where the black exterior design must match the high power output.

AXIblackbiperfect GL

108 halfcell N-Type TOPCon bifacial glass/glass Solar module 415 - 420 Wp


The powerfull bifacial solar module. Particularly suitable for projects on rooftop and grond mounted installations.

AXIbiperfect GXXL TS

144 halfcell, N-Type TOPCon bifacial glas/glas solar module 570 - 585 Wp

AXIbiperfect GQ TS

132-halfcell, N-Type TOPCon bifacial glass/glass solar module

600 - 620 Wp

AXIbiperfect GXQ TS

132-halfcell, N-Type TOPCon bifacial glass/glass solar module

690 - 710 Wp

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