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AXIpremium HC 370 - 555 Wp

The power modules with half-cell technology have a lower cell resistance and thus a higher performance than full-cell solar modules.


108 halfcell monocrystalline
Solar module 400 - 415 Wp

AXIpremium XL HC

120 halfcell monocrystalline
solar module 360 - 380 Wp

AXIpremium XXL HC

144 halfcell monocrystalline
Solar module 530 - 555 Wp

AXIblackpremium / AXIblackperfect

400 - 425 Wp

Aesthetics meets energy. The solar modules are perfectly suited for installations where the black exterior design must match the high power output.

AXIblackpremium XXL HC

108 halfcell monocrystalline
Solar module 400 - 410 Wp

AXIblackperfect FXXL

108 halfcell N-Type TOPCon
Solar module 400 - 425 Wp

AXIperfect 415 - 430 Wp

Very high performance thanks to the new N-Type TOPCon cell technology. Suitable for all applications from home to business.

AXIperfect FXXL WB

108 halfcell monocrystalline TOPCon Solar module
415 - 430 Wp

AXI(bi)protect HC 390 - 415 Wp

The glass-glass solar module with monocrystalline (bifacial) halfcut cells is particularly suitable for extreme climatic conditions.

AXIprotect XXL HC MB

108 halfcell glass/glass monocrystalline
solar module 390 - 400 Wp

AXIbiprotect XXL HC BLK

108 halfcell glass/glass bifacial monocrystalline
solar module 390 - 415 Wp

AXIbipremium HC 560 - 670 Wp

The bifacial solar module is particularly suitable for ground-mounted and tracker installations.

AXIbipremium XQ HC MT

132 halfcell bifacial-monocrystalline solar module
650 - 670 Wp

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